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We know how important the first impression is and that is why we provide exceptional labels and packaging!


We started out as a family business, having so many ideas about how we could develop our project at a time when the manufacturers of roll fed labels almost did not exist in Romania. Today, Arte Grup is one of the leading suppliers of reel fed labels for the beverage industry in Romania and not only. We produce innovative packaging and labels that bring value, security and confidence, with an excellent team and advanced technology.

Adrian Bucurescu, CEO

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Part of our team

Adrian Bucurescu

Co-founder, CEO

Believe in your dream, keep your work at high quality standards, be mindful of details, develop long-lasting partnerships with your partners, be fair, serious and responsible, these are the things we started with 22 years ago.

Diana Bucurescu


I’m proud of our results but we still have a lot to do to get where we want. We have ambitious plans and we need to raise the strand of sustainable development throughout our entire value chain.

Florin Ghiță

Commercial Manager

For a product, the packaging or the label are important because they influence the buyer’s decision. Collaboration with renowned companies has helped us to understand the importance of this fact and to continually improve ourselves.

Remus Călburean

Production Manager

Where can you find opportunities for personal and professional development if not in a company where performance is the main reference, and team and leadership are the key to success? For me is Arte Grup!

What do we produce?


Also called wrap-around labels due to the labeling process that completely surrounds bottles, roll fed wrap labels are specially designed to labeled the various types of containers.


Flexible laminated multilayer packages are mainly used in the food industry, with an important role in maintaining an oxygen barrier.