Flexible packagings targets both food industry and other industries such as construction, electronics, stationery, etc.

They are made by printing the monolayer materials (BOPP, paper, PE (HDPE, LDPE) PET, AL) or can be printed and laminated in any structure and combination of flexible materials (BOPP + BOPP, H / AL / PE, BOPP + PE etc.) to provide the final packaging with improved strength properties, low oxygen and water vapor permeability, or other characteristics desired by the customer.


Monolayer type BOPP, paper, PE (HDPE or LDPE) PET and AL


Flexographic printing in 8 colors


In any structure and combination of flexible materials such as BOPP + BOPP, H / AL / PE, PET + BOPP, BOPP + PE etc.


The delivery is made in rolls with an inner diameter of 76 mm and max. 300 mm outer.


Flexible packaging is most often used in the food industry, home care products or pet food as well with a high diversity of material like films with oxygen barrier and UV protection, heat-sealable laminated materials, films with vapor barrier, aluminum and twistable PET.